Ghost Branch

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Ghost Branch
Ghost branch hidden.jpg
Cost 5000
Strength 22
Lure Rating 25
Min. Points 0
Retail Outlet Any Farovian location
Ghost Branch Quests

Description: The first special contest pole that is capable of catching the Ghost Soldier Fish! The Ghost Pole unlocks as soon as the contest starts!

The Ghost Branch pole was introduced to "level the playing field" for the Contest fish. The argument was made that since contest fish were requiring only a level 0 Oak Branch or Broken Standard, wranglers with higher level poles were at a disadvantage in the contest due to having more non-contest fish in their pool of potential catches. Also, any wrangler with a lower Farovian rank, could essentially catch them in the tournaments there as well.

This pole was released with the contest, then removed after it ended.

The old activation link for the pole is here:

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

Ghost Soldier Fish


So after the Contest ended, if you try to equip the pole, whether you had bought it or not, it would return an error message stating:
Error You do not own the Ghost Branch!

Also, trying to buy the pole through it's ID # purchase link revealed a similiar msg:
Error The Ghost Branch belongs to the special Salute the Soldiers Contest which is not currently active

As this was the first contest pole, it's very likely we might never see it again. On the same token, since it was the first, it could later be given add-ons as well as special quests and someday be re-released. Just like the Spear Gun, and all those who bothered to level it, it's levels could be "pro-rated" and more fish made for it. One can hope but only time will tell.