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Description: Fishertonville is located approximately 7.5 miles from Waterport and often considered a tropical paradise. Palm trees and beach huts line the beach of the island. Although a haven for surfers, many wranglers visit the island due to the nice variety of fish.

Fishertonville is the first island that Wranglers venture to upon leaving WaterPort. It can be viewed as a natural extension to Waterport with many familiar fish and equipment on offer. In a move that may seem counter-intuitive to new arrivals, the prolific population of Cubey Fish at this location maintains a steady flow of more experienced wranglers coming back briefly.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!) (To travel there, click here!)

What to Catch[edit]

First time wranglers at Fishertonville will feel very much at home with the available catches here, although with the omission of the Miny Fish and the Catty Fish, the slightly higher average point and gold rewards will make the stay worthwhile.

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Cubey Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard/ Fancy Rifle-pole 12Fairly Prolific 80 75 Fishing 101 -
Loafy Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard/ Fancy Rifle-pole 11Numerous 130 Rewards ~3−6 Loaf Chum Fishing 101 Loaf Chum
Hippie Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard 11Numerous 420 420 Introduction to Chumming -
Tiger Shark Fish Necro-pole 04Critically Endangered 469 480 Art of Night Fishing -
Vampire Fish Oak Branch/ Broken Standard 03Near Extinction 505 500 Introduction to Chumming Steak Chum
Hate Fish Excali-pole 03Near Extinction 707 700 Introduction to Chumming Steak Chum
Grim Fish Excali-pole/ Necro-pole 07Extremely Rare 999 1,000 Habitats of Large Fish Loaf Chum
Coconut Fish Excali-pole/ Steam Powered Hydro-pole 12Fairly Prolific 398 379 Art of Night Fishing -
Bay Fish Excali-pole/ Steam Powered Hydro-pole 07Extremely Rare 466 437 Art of Night Fishing -
Witch Fish Level 25 Excali-pole 08Very Rare 666 666 Art of Night Fishing -
Squire Fish Level 40 Excali-pole 07Extremely Rare 1,310 1,284 Art of Night Fishing -
Viking Fish Level 50 Excali-pole 04Critically Endangered 2,433 2,125 Art of Night Fishing -
Ironess Fish Level 57 Excali-pole 11Numerous 1,730 1,413 Art of Night Fishing -
Prince Fish Level 64 Excali-pole 08Very Rare 2,010 1,655 Art of Night Fishing -
Merlin Fish Level 73 Excali-pole 03Near Extinction 2,200 1,845 Art of Night Fishing -
Arthurian Fish Level 80 Excali-pole 02Possibly Extinct 2,520 2,180 Art of Night Fishing -
Foamy Fish Level 5 Necro-pole/ Level 3 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 05Endangered 955 2,536 Introduction to Chumming -
Roadkill Ray Fish Level 25 Necro-pole 08Very Rare 1,208 1,156 Art of Night Fishing -
Wither Fish Level 40 Necro-pole 05Endangered 2,075 1,510 Habitats of Large Fish Cayenne Chum
Devil Ray Fish Level 50 Necro-pole 04Critically Endangered 3,125 2,865 Art of Night Fishing -
Needlenose Shark Fish Level 57 Necro-pole 12Fairly Prolific 1,872 1,654 Habitats of Large Fish -
Vampress Fish Level 64 Necro-pole 08Very Rare 2,210 1,830 Habitats of Large Fish -
Werewolf Miny Fish Level 73 Necro-pole 03Near Extinction 2,405 2,140 Habitats of Large Fish -
Graveskeeper Fish Level 80 Necro-pole 02Possibly Extinct 2,910 2,415 Habitats of Large Fish -
Suave Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole 06Threatened 505 524 Habitats of Large Fish -
Cursed Arthurian Fish Level 80 Excali-pole AND Necro-pole 01Non-Existent 7,008 7,000 -

Full descriptions of each Fishertonville fish can be found in The Fish of Fishertonville.

What to Buy[edit]

Fishertonville's store will seem very similar to wranglers as it stocks the same as its near neighbor in Waterport.

Type Item Cost Points
Pole Oak Branch 280 0
Pole Broken Standard 300 0
Pole Fancy Rifle-pole 1,950 4,500
Pole Excali-pole 4,200 10,500
Pole Necro-pole 18,400 26,500
Pole Steam Powered Hydro-pole 45,000 120,000
Boat Beat up Dinghy 4,000 15,000
Boat Mini Cruiser 35,000 150,000
Boat Lost Perahu 10,000 N/A
Skill Introduction To Chumming 2,950 2,000
Skill The Art of Night Fishing and Timing 3,000 17,000
Skill Habitats of Large Fish 30,000 65,000
Skill Mastering Shark Wrangling 100,000 200,000
Pole Dirigible 11,905 N/A
Pole Mission Recovery 18,000 N/A
Skill Skydiving and Ballooning Certificate 300,000 1,000,000+
Skill Basic Space Flight 350,000 2,000,000+
Chum Pretzel Chum 180 N/A
Chum Ambrosia Chum 190 N/A
Chum Cosmo Cream Chum 200 N/A

How to Play[edit]

Most wranglers will typically have the first three poles and the first three skills by the time they reach Fishertonville, so whilst in Fishertonville, wranglers should be looking to purchase the next two poles (Necro-pole and Steam Powered Hydro-pole) and the next skill (Habitats of Large Fish) while working towards procuring the Mini-Cruiser and unlocking Blue Crescent.

Hydro-pole or Cruiser first?[edit]

While there may only be a 30,000 point requirement difference between the Steam Powered Hydro-pole and the Mini Cruiser which is a small enough gap to be tempted to shoot for the Mini-Cruiser first, it is recommended that wranglers purchase the Hydro-pole before the cruiser as fishing in Blue Crescent without said pole can be a foolhardy venture.

While this will have the average wrangler out of pocket by the time they meet the point requirement of the cruiser, the time spent gaining the gold can be viewed as time well spent usefully leveling the Hydro-pole. The fish at Blue Crescent have been known to damage poles and boats and it is suspected that low level poles are more susceptible to damage. Therefore any time spent improving the Hydro-pole's level before reaching Blue Crescent should not be viewed as time wasted.

Other Notables[edit]

Renowned chemist and philanthrofish Sigfried von Shleepskin has opened his new Exchange Point in Fishertonville - which together with Underwater Shell Shop in Sans Culpra make up his Resource Exchange emporium.