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Fishertonburg is a location in Farovia and the 2nd of the three Stealth islands. It was first released on April 7, 2021 and is the 71st island in FW (44th in Farovia).[1]

The title was first revealed from the chum pages. All the fish designed by artist Diego.

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!) (To travel here, click here!)

Description: Purposefully named to keep wranglers away, in hopes that it sounds like a large city... Located on the leeward side of Fishertonville, is a narrow inlet of the Farovian Sea that splits the 5-star bungalow beach hut villas. Very few have ever fished these pristine waters.

Getting there[edit]

It is presumed that some activity would need to be completed in WaterPier.

 TBD. Please help fill in details when they are available.

Once you get the Silenced Rifle up to Stealth level 25 and catch the xxxxx Fish then you can start unlocking the Excali-pole stealth modification, which costs 20 million - 700 gold less/min starting April 7, 2021.[2]

Excalinja Stealth Modification:
18th century dragon steel with the golden shark head grip forged from Fishertonville's finest minerals.
Stealthifies: Excali-pole
Max Stealth: Level 25
Unlocks: “Ninja Time” in 3 hours (later 2 hours)
Cost: 20,000,000 (700 gold less/min)

Once this is unlocked, you should be able to travel to Fishertonburg.

What to Catch[edit]

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Tiger Shark Fish Necro-pole 11Numerous 469 480 Art of Night Fishing -
Grim Fish Excali-pole/ Necro-pole 06Threatened 999 1,000 Habitats of Large Fish Loaf Chum
Coconut Fish Excali-pole/ Steam Powered Hydro-pole 11Numerous 398 379 Art of Night Fishing -
Bay Fish Excali-pole/ Steam Powered Hydro-pole 07Extremely Rare 466 437 Art of Night Fishing -
Witch Fish Level 25 Excali-pole 08Very Rare 666 666 Art of Night Fishing -
Squire Fish Level 40 Excali-pole 07Extremely Rare 1,310 1,284 Art of Night Fishing -
Viking Fish Level 50 Excali-pole 04Critically Endangered 2,433 2,125 Art of Night Fishing -
Ironess Fish Level 57 Excali-pole 08Very Rare 1,730 1,413 Art of Night Fishing -
Prince Fish Level 64 Excali-pole 07Extremely Rare 2,010 1,655 Art of Night Fishing -
Merlin Fish Level 73 Excali-pole 03Near Extinction 2,200 1,845 Art of Night Fishing -
Arthurian Fish Level 80 Excali-pole 03Near Extinction 2,520 2,180 Art of Night Fishing -
Foamy Fish Level 5 Necro-pole/ Level 3 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 10Average 955 2,536 Introduction to Chumming -
Roadkill Ray Fish Level 25 Necro-pole 09Rare 1,208 1,156 Art of Night Fishing -
Wither Fish Level 40 Necro-pole 08Very Rare 2,075 1,510 Habitats of Large Fish Cayenne Chum
Devil Ray Fish Level 50 Necro-pole 06Threatened 3,125 2,865 Art of Night Fishing -
Needlenose Shark Fish Level 57 Necro-pole 10Average 1,872 1,654 Habitats of Large Fish -
Vampress Fish Level 64 Necro-pole 08Very Rare 2,210 1,830 Habitats of Large Fish -
Werewolf Miny Fish Level 73 Necro-pole 05Endangered 2,405 2,140 Habitats of Large Fish -
Graveskeeper Fish Level 80 Necro-pole 03Near Extinction 2,910 2,415 Habitats of Large Fish -
Chub Fish Stealth Level 2 Silenced Rifle 09Rare 4,341 4,135 -
Flound Her Fish Stealth Level 0 Excalinja/ Stealth Level 0 Necro Net 09Rare 3,849 3,565 -
Rowdy Trout Fish Stealth Level 2 Excalinja 08Very Rare 3,798 3,616 -
Scal-ulpin Fish Stealth Level 11 Excalinja 02Possibly Extinct 3,891 3,671 -
Baitman Fish Stealth Level 18 Excalinja 06Threatened 3,875 3,726 -
Tuna Turner Fish Stealth Level 22 Excalinja 02Possibly Extinct 4,550 4,375 -
Man Oh War Fish Stealth Level 25 Excalinja 02Possibly Extinct 3,993 3,839 -
Monk Seal Fish Stealth Level 0 Necro Net/ Stealth Level 0 Electric Hydro 08Very Rare 4,091 3,896 -
Holy Mackerel Fish Stealth Level 1 Necro Net 07Extremely Rare 4,034 3,955 -
Sal Mon Ella Fish Stealth Level 9 Necro Net 07Extremely Rare 4,215 4,014 -
Blue Tang Fish Stealth Level 14 Necro Net 02Possibly Extinct 4,400 4,074 -
Wu Tang Fish Stealth Level 19 Necro Net Almost Extinct 4,466 4,135 -
Big Bass Fish Stealth Level 25 Necro Net 02Possibly Extinct 5,250 5,000 -

A rogues gallery of each Fishertonburg fish can be found in The Fish of Fishertonburg. Full descriptions of each Fishertonburg fish can be found by clicking on each individual fish in the table above.

How to play[edit]

As with WaterPier, fish like you normally do with the poles that are normally used in Fishertonville. You will need to start with the Excali-pole and accumulate Stealth, and then after catching a Man Oh War Fish at Stealth level 25, you can unlock the stealth version of the Necro-pole TBD cost.

Poles available include:

Excalinja, the Stealth version of the Excali-pole, released on Apr 7, 2021.
Necro Net, the Stealth version of the Necro-pole, released May 6, 2021.

Note that your poles will be referred to by their stealth names in the stealth locations and will be normal in other areas.

Deckhand/timer/night fishing/pole level bonuses are turned off for approximately 30 days for each pole and each of their add-ons starting from their release dates.

Moving on[edit]

  Need more information on how to unlock and move on.

Blue Caldera is the next area of the Stealth islands, released on June 24, 2021.