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A variety of abbreviations are used on the Fish Wrangler forums, Wiki Forums and occasionally in the wiki itself. This a a list of some of the most commonly used abbreviations for islands, poles, etc.

List of Abbreviations and Meanings[edit]

Note: *Indicates the more common abbreviation.


Crew: FB friends who also have FW installed.

Crew Trips: When you cast by "being taken" fishing by someone on your crew. Crew trips can occur every 30 mins. Each time you cast, you can take up to three (3) other crew members with you.

Dives: The term refers to scuba dives and occurs when you Scuba Fish Now! Scuba diving is only possible in Sans Culpra, and you can scuba dive up to 15 times/day if you have not earned your Scuba Fishing License.

MTB: Mystery Tackle Box (or MTBs) - The daily free resource that can be sent to those who have a Facebook account. Those who don't can still receive them (and probably need them more because of that.)

Hexahedronal: Cubic. Within the game, refers to frozen Cubey Fish.

Trips: When you cast using Fish Now!

Whiff/Wiff: A complete miss - no catch, no chum loss. Baseball slang for when a batter swings at a pitch and misses - especially for a strikeout ("whiff" is onomatopoeic for the sound of the bat slicing through the air). The word inspired the name of the game of wiffle ball.



WC / *WP : Waterport
FT / *FV : Fishertonville
BC : Blue Crescent
MR : Magma Reef
SC : Sans Culpra


GB : Glacier Bay
SD : San Digloo
LF : Lake Freezberg
SR : Snowpeak River
SS: Snowpeak Summit

Sig's Underwater Lab

Sig's: Refers to Sig's Lair, Vault or Wasteland
Lair: Sig's Lair
Vault: Sig's Vault
Wasteland: Sig's Wasteland


DC: Devil's Cove
DP: Deadwater Pass
KR: Krakken Rocks


PR: Poseidons Ring
MC: Misty Cliffs
BD: Bottomless Depths

Ten Year Storm

DI: Doom Island
SI: Stormy Straight
ES: Eye of the Storm

Shipwreck Explorer

SSW: SS Whiskey
SSM: SS Minefield
SSG: SS Graveyard

Lucidia Preserve

GG: Guardians Gate
CL: Coral Lobby
HL: Heart Land



SF: Santa Francesca
NS: New Seinborough
RC: Redwood Crescent
AR: Asteroid Reef
HV: Helvetica


OB / *Oak : Oak Branch

BS / *Broken : Broken Standard

FRP / *Rifle : Fancy Rifle Pole

EX : Excalipole

NC / *Necro : Necro Pole

SPHP : Steam Powered Hydro Pole

SP : Sonar Pulverizer

CI / Incinerator : Cubey Incinerator

SG : Spear Gun

PSU / *PSG : Pneumatic Spear Upgrade / Pneumatic Spear Gun

HL : Holy Liberator

EO : Evil Obliterator

AG / Algae: Algaenite

PK / Plank: Planktonite

RR / Royal: Royal Rescuer

PP / Pyra: Pyratic Plunder

AZ, Alca, Traz: Alcatraz

NF / Nail / Fly: Nail Fly

PS / Palm: Palm Spear

KN / Kelp: Kelp Net

SS / Slg: Sling Spear

ES / Ele: Electro Spear

TS / Torp: Torpedo Spear

DD / Danger / Destro: Danger Destroyer

GG / Guardian: Guardian Grabber


FW : Fish Wrangler

RLC : Red Love Chum

FLC: Free Love Chum

GW : Glow Worm

NF : Night Fishing

LIC: Large Ice Cube

RS: Red Shark (also called Red skips)

PP : Per Piece (referring to gold per piece of red love chum)

BUMP : Bring Up My Post (or other similar phrases)

TBD : To Be Defined/Discovered/Determined