Fish Population/Habitat 7-9

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Threatened Extremely Rare Very Rare
Fish Island
Cubey Fish WaterPier
Mime Fish WaterPier
Hate Fish Blue Crescent
Grim Fish Fishertonburg
Devil Ray Fish Fishertonburg
Joan of Farovia Fish Blue Crescent
Joan of Arc Fish Blue Crescent
Suave Fish Fishertonville
Scitzo Shark Fish Blue Crescent
T50 Fish Blue Caldera
Speckled Hate Fish Sigs Lair
Mammoth Squid Fish Sigs Vault
Spotted Eagle Ray Fish Sans Culpra
Firefly Fish Magma Reef
Volcano Rock Fish Blue Caldera
Hibernator Fish Glacier Bay
Corn Puff Fish San Digloo
Corn Puff Fish Lake Freezberg
Hockum Fish San Digloo
Spectacled Hate Fish Sigs Lair
Woolly Squid Fish Sigs Vault
Caged Cubey Fish Deadwater Pass
Caged Cubey Fish Krakken Rocks
Hooked Hate Fish Devils Cove
Cloak and Dagger Fish Misty Cliffs
Neck Shark Fish Misty Cliffs
Smiling Porpoise Fish Bottomless Depths
Ferret Eel Fish Blue Crescent
Happy Hour Fish Doom Island
Loopy Liger Fish Stormy Straight
Love Hate Fish Red Love Bay
Wonder Wench Fish SS Whiskey
Sabertooth Fish SS Graveyard
Cleaner Fish Guardians Gate
Dagger Fish Guardians Gate
Bristle Eel Fish Heart Land
Goblin Shark Fish Heart Land
Wobsta Fish Wahwahville
Puppie Fish Wahwah Crescent
Mewlted Ubee Fish Wahwah Reef
Scrubadub Fish Fariana Trench
Robo Pram Fish Fariana Trench
Smelt Fish Lover's Lake
Smelt Fish Heartbreak Falls
Brown Bullhead Fish Heartbreak Falls
Pallid Sturgeon Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Eldritch Fish Innsmouth Island
Gambrel Fish Innsmouth Island
Red Shark Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Griffly Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Jackie Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Astroshep Fish Monsoon Lagoon

Fish Island
Emo Fish WaterPort
Grim Fish Fishertonville
Bay Fish Fishertonville
Bay Fish Fishertonburg
Sun Fish WaterPort
Squire Fish Fishertonville
Squire Fish Fishertonburg
Prince Fish Fishertonburg
Joan of Arc Fish Blue Caldera
Lantern Fish Sigs Wasteland
T850 Fish Sigs Wasteland
Firehose Eel Fish Magma Reef
Cherry Bomb Fish Magma Reef
Melted Cubey Fish Blue Caldera
Big Mouth Fish Snowpeak River
Lumberjack Fish Snowpeak River
Spotlight Fish Sigs Wasteland
O850 Fish Sigs Wasteland
Scurvy Fish Deadwater Pass
Cloak and Dagger Fish Poseidons Ring
Red Whale Fish Misty Cliffs
Time Turtle Fish Misty Cliffs
Time Turtle Fish Bottomless Depths
Shock Shark Fish Bottomless Depths
Ferret Eel Fish Blue Caldera
Howler Fish Doom Island
Mansion Crab Fish Doom Island
Happy Hour Fish Doom Island
Breaded Moth Ray Fish Stormy Straight
Egyptian Jelly Fish Eye of the Storm
Sea Trinicorn Fish Eye of the Storm
Sweetheart Fish Red Love Bay
Heart Puffer Fish Red Love Bay
Foamy Squid Fish SS Whiskey
Balance Ray Fish SS Minefield
Grave Robber Squid Fish SS Graveyard
Torpedo Squid Fish SS Graveyard
Squid Psychotic Fish SS Graveyard
Popping Puffer Fish Coral Lobby
Sneaky Stone Fish Coral Lobby
Vacuum Octo Fish Heart Land
Barbed Octo Fish Heart Land
Ippie Fish Wahwahport
Wampire Fish Wahwahport
Tigey Shawk Fish Wahwahville
Doan Ovark Fish Wahwahville
T5 Fish Wahwah Crescent
T15 Fish Wahwah Crescent
Mama Mag Fish Wahwah Reef
Tutu Woowoo Fish Wahwah Reef
Komodo Fish Lost Temple
Memotong Fish Lost Temple
Janger Fish Lost Temple
Buto Fish Lost Temple
Gatok Fish Lost Temple
Batik Fish Lost Temple
Krakatau Fish Lost Temple
Coffin Fish Fariana Trench
Flashy Fish Fariana Trench
Ostracod Fish Fariana Trench
Orthocannon Fish Fariana Trench
Armored Searobin Fish Fariana Trench
Stygian Fish Innsmouth Island
Pht'thya-l'y Fish Innsmouth Island
Skydiving Miny Fish Monsoon Lagoon

Fish Island
Vampire Fish WaterPort
Sea Tortoise Fish WaterPort
Cornucopia Fish WaterPort
Shard Fish WaterPort
Pioneer Fish WaterPort
Target Fish WaterPort
Witch Fish Fishertonville
Witch Fish Fishertonburg
Ironess Fish Fishertonburg
Prince Fish Fishertonville
Wither Fish Fishertonburg
Vampress Fish Fishertonville
Vampress Fish Fishertonburg
Red Diablo Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Putrid Fish Blue Crescent
Vet Fish Blue Crescent
T50 Fish Blue Crescent
Speckled Hate Fish Sans Culpra
Sting Ray Fish Sans Culpra
Peanut Jelly Fish Sans Culpra
Boiling Fish Magma Reef
Fire Fighter Fish Magma Reef
Icicle Fish Glacier Bay
Snow Leopard Shark Fish San Digloo
Hockum Fish Lake Freezberg
Guardian Angel Fish Snowpeak Summit
Arctic Hate Fish Snowpeak Summit
Cannon Crab Fish Krakken Rocks
Admiral Fish Devils Cove
Robber Fish Deadwater Pass
Plank Fish Krakken Rocks
Northern Star Fish Krakken Rocks
Pyrate Eel Fish Krakken Rocks
Slippery Eel Fish Misty Cliffs
Armor Eel Fish Bottomless Depths
Roadkill Ray Fish Fishertonville
Glider Fish Blue Crescent
Colossal Chameleon Fish Doom Island
Reptilian Hate Fish Doom Island
Enraged Lucha Fish Doom Island
Plarwhal Fish Stormy Straight
Man Over Eater Fish Eye of the Storm
Red Luv Fish Red Love Bay
Shipfaced Shrimp Fish SS Whiskey
Killer Keg Fish SS Whiskey
Medusa Mine Fish SS Minefield
Fangtooth Fish SS Graveyard
Rabbit Fish Guardians Gate
Felion Fish Guardians Gate
Melting Manta Ray Fish Coral Lobby
Toxic Slug Fish Coral Lobby
Phire Wion Fish Wahwah Reef
Raflesia Fish Lost Temple
Ahool Fish Lost Temple
Cendra Fish Lost Temple
Leyak Fish Lost Temple
Reog Fish Lost Temple
Tardigrade Fish Fariana Trench
Yellow Perch Fish Lover's Lake
Steelhead Trout Fish Heartbreak Falls
Bull Trout Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Tenebrous Fish Innsmouth Island
Ephraim Fish Innsmouth Island
Asenath Fish Innsmouth Island