Fish Population/Habitat 13-14

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Fairly Prolific Overflowing
Fish Island
Miny Fish WaterPort
Miss Miny Fish WaterPort
Catty Fish WaterPort
Cubey Fish WaterPort
Cubey Fish Fishertonville
Loafy Fish WaterPort
Fiesta Fish WaterPort
Tiger Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Coconut Fish Fishertonville
Acorn Sea Slug Fish WaterPort
Duct Tape Eel Fish WaterPort
Needlenose Shark Fish Fishertonville
Sapphire Shark Fish Blue Crescent
Red Diablo Shark Fish Sans Culpra
Toro Fish Blue Crescent
Azul Fish Blue Crescent
Suave Fish Blue Crescent
Loco Fish Blue Crescent
Samurai Fish Sans Culpra
Samurai Fish Sigs Lair
Samurai Fish Sigs Vault
Samurai Fish Sigs Wasteland
Necktie Eel Fish Sans Culpra
Necktie Eel Fish Sigs Lair
Nebula Fish Magma Reef
Ice Ice Miny Fish Glacier Bay
Ice Puff Fish Glacier Bay
Icicle Fish San Digloo
Freezbite Fish Glacier Bay
Snow Leopard Shark Fish Snowpeak Summit
Snow Crab Fish San Digloo
Snow Bunny Fish San Digloo
Big Mouth Fish Lake Freezberg
Lumberjack Fish Lake Freezberg
Arctiwolf Fish Snowpeak River
Humptooth Fish Snowpeak River
Ice Prancer Fish Snowpeak River
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Snowpeak River
Bowtie Eel Fish Sigs Lair
Great Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Wasteland
ShoGun Fish Sigs Lair
ShoGun Fish Sigs Vault
ShoGun Fish Sigs Wasteland
Bottle Fish Devils Cove
Bottle Fish Deadwater Pass
Caged Cubey Fish Devils Cove
Eyepatch Catty Fish Devils Cove
Parrot Fish Deadwater Pass
Map Ray Fish Deadwater Pass
Map Ray Fish Krakken Rocks
Citrus Fish Krakken Rocks
Vacuum Fish Poseidons Ring
Glutton Fish Poseidons Ring
Leaf Horse Fish Misty Cliffs
Crevice Crab Fish Bottomless Depths
Mighty Miny Fish Doom Island
Pardy too Hardy Fish Stormy Straight
Prosthetic Vet Fish Eye of the Storm
Tarpit Tang Fish SS Whiskey
Wreckage Ray Fish SS Minefield
Hammer Crab Fish SS Graveyard
Butterfly Fish Guardians Gate
Toad Fish Guardians Gate
Crustacean Fish Coral Lobby
Carrier Crab Fish Coral Lobby
Pollen Fish Heart Land
Shovelhead Fish Heart Land
Ramming Ray Fish Heart Land
Heartless Hawk Fish Heart Land
Pick Axe Shark Fish Heart Land
Tiny Fish Wahwahport
Cuttie Fish Wahwahport
Mizz Tiny Fish Wahwahville
Doan Arovia Fish Wahwahville
Wider Fish Wahwah Crescent
Wayzer Fish Wahwah Crescent
Emonseehorsie Fish Wahwah Reef
Meong Fish Lost Temple
Durian Fish Lost Temple
Zooplank Fish Fariana Trench
Bluegill Fish Lover's Lake
Sunfish Fish Lover's Lake
Black Crappie Fish Lover's Lake
Smallmouth Bass Fish Heartbreak Falls
Blue Catfish Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Gibbering Fish Innsmouth Island
Lurking Fish Innsmouth Island
Cultish Fish Innsmouth Island
Reef Devil Fish Innsmouth Island
Bajan Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Flying Hippie Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Boomer Manta Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Djinn Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Sylph Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Da Vinci Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Montgolfier Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Earhart Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Pancho Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Crosscloud Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Wally Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Gleel Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Grewgus Fish Monsoon Lagoon

Fish Island
Fireball Fish Magma Reef
Lighter Fish Magma Reef