Fish Population/Habitat 10-12

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Rare Average Numerous
Fish Island
Mime Fish WaterPort
Blossom Fish WaterPort
Sapphire Shark Fish Blue Caldera
Putrid Fish Blue Crescent (Very Rare)
Blue Caldera
Putrid Fish Blue Caldera
Vet Fish Blue Crescent (Very Rare)
Blue Caldera
Vet Fish Blue Caldera
Loco Fish Blue Caldera
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish Sans Culpra
Sting Ray Fish Sans Culpra (Very Rare)
Sigs Vault
Sting Ray Fish Sigs Vault
Peccant Fish Sans Culpra
Peccant Fish Sigs Vault
Demon Sea Horse Fish Magma Reef
Snow Crab Fish Lake Freezberg
Snow Bunny Fish Lake Freezberg
Hibernator Fish San Digloo
Rainbow Trout Fish Snowpeak River
Electric Eel Fish Snowpeak River
Blood Hound Fish Snowpeak River
Spectacled Hate Fish Sigs Vault
Eyeball Ray Fish Sigs Vault
Eyeball Ray Fish Sigs Wasteland
Mutahnt Fish Sigs Vault
Parrot Fish Devils Cove
Peg Fish Deadwater Pass
Godfather Cubey Fish Poseidons Ring
Slippery Eel Fish Poseidons Ring
Chameleon Fish Misty Cliffs
Roadkill Ray Fish Fishertonville (Very Rare)
Roadkill Ray Fish Fishertonburg
Glider Fish Blue Crescent (Very Rare)
Blue Caldera
Glider Fish Blue Caldera
Soulmate Squid Fish Red Love Bay
Spotted Heart Octo Fish Red Love Bay
Beer Bottle Fish Doom Island
Communication Crab Fish Eye of the Storm
Cherry Bandit Fish Eye of the Storm
Ocular Ray Fish Eye of the Storm
Time Traveler Turtle Fish Eye of the Storm
Scavenger Shark Fish SS Minefield
Winghead Shark Fish SS Graveyard
Horizontal Shark Fish SS Graveyard
Hellfire Shark Fish SS Graveyard
Valentine Clam Fish Red Love Bay
Porcupine Fish Guardians Gate
Lizard Fish Guardians Gate
Haz-Mat Fish Coral Lobby
Scaly Barracuda Fish Coral Lobby
Shelter Jelly Fish Heart Land
Spearing Eel Fish Heart Land
Patriotic Seabird Fish Fishertonville
Gajah Fish Lost Temple
Punak Fish Lost Temple
Crinoid Fish Fariana Trench
Killer Krill Fish Fariana Trench
Romantic Remora Fish Red Love Bay
Lake Whitefish Fish Heartbreak Falls
Steelhead Trout Fish Heartbreak Falls (Very Rare)
Rakkaus Tarn
Steelhead Trout Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Effulgent Fish Innsmouth Island
Foetid Fish Innsmouth Island
Barnabas Fish Innsmouth Island
Zadok Fish Innsmouth Island
Auriol Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Buzzy Fish Monsoon Lagoon

Fish Island
Foamy Fish Fishertonburg
Needlenose Shark Fish Fishertonburg
Red Diablo Shark Fish Blue Caldera
Toro Fish Blue Caldera
Suave Fish Sigs Lair
Sub Fish Blue Caldera
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Siberian Tiger Shark Fish Sigs Wasteland
Peanut Jelly Fish Sigs Wasteland
Flamyro Fish Sigs Wasteland
Hibernator Fish Lake Freezberg
Humptooth Fish Snowpeak Summit
Siberian Liger Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Siberian Liger Shark Fish Sigs Wasteland
Reeko Suave Fish Sigs Lair
Giant PBJ Fish Sigs Wasteland
Flaymzor Fish Sigs Wasteland
Admiral Fish Krakken Rocks
Robber Fish Krakken Rocks
Sea Dog Fish Krakken Rocks
Black Pearl Fish Krakken Rocks
Killer Clown Fish Misty Cliffs
Reverse Fish Bottomless Depths
Globster Fish Bottomless Depths
Flowery Weed Horse Fish Stormy Straight
Godly Crab Fish Stormy Straight
Winged Sun Fish Fish Stormy Straight
Enlightened Priestess Fish SS Whiskey
Wandering Warrior Fish SS Whiskey
Eeligaturtle Fish SS Whiskey
Rocking Sea Horse Fish SS Minefield
Rusty Ram Fish SS Minefield
Mine Squid Fish SS Minefield
Barbfin Fish SS Graveyard
Reflector Fish Guardians Gate
Itchy Trigger Fish Guardians Gate
Neon Leach Fish Coral Lobby
Acid Rainbow Trout Fish Coral Lobby
Evil Eve Fish WaterPort
Nanja Fish Wahwahport
Mimi Fish Wahwahport
Fiesa Fish Wahwahport
Weemo Fish Wahwahport
Pwincess Fish Wahwahville
Stwiped Dialo Fish Wahwahville
Elwis Fish Wahwahville
Sawtoof Fish Wahwahville
Madador Fish Wahwah Crescent
Rate Wide Shawk Fish Wahwah Crescent
Baba Fish Wahwah Crescent
Coco Fish Wahwah Crescent
Dumbopus Fish Fariana Trench
Sea Butterfly Fish Fariana Trench
Freckle Pec Fish Fariana Trench
Coho Salmon Fish Heartbreak Falls
Muskie Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Daemoniac Fish Innsmouth Island
Frantic Fish Monsoon Lagoon

Fish Island
Loafy Fish Fishertonville
Hippie Fish WaterPort
Hippie Fish Fishertonville
Tiger Shark Fish Fishertonburg
Grim Fish Sigs Wasteland
Coconut Fish Fishertonburg
Shell Fish WaterPort
Ironess Fish Fishertonville
Red Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Toro Fish Sigs Wasteland
Suave Fish Sans Culpra
Sub Fish Blue Crescent
Peccant Fish Sigs Wasteland
Blackhawk Ray Fish Sans Culpra
Lantern Fish Sans Culpra
Snow Leopard Shark Fish Glacier Bay
Ice Prancer Fish Snowpeak Summit
Rudolph the Reinbie Fish Snowpeak Summit
Electric Eel Fish Snowpeak Summit
Blood Hound Fish Snowpeak Summit
Great Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Lair
Great Diablo Shark Fish Sigs Vault
Reeko Suave Fish Sigs Vault
Mutahnt Fish Sigs Wasteland
Madcow Fish Sigs Wasteland
Reaper Fish Sigs Wasteland
Booty Fish Devils Cove
Executioner Fish Krakken Rocks
Swashbuckler Fish Krakken Rocks
Brain Fish Poseidons Ring
Anvil Fish Misty Cliffs
Chameleon Fish Bottomless Depths
Emo Clown Fish Doom Island
Frozen Gunk Fish Doom Island
Snowkly Fish Stormy Straight
What the Flock Fish Stormy Straight
Fried Brain Fish Eye of the Storm
Rainbow Chain Octo Fish Eye of the Storm
Still Slug Fish SS Whiskey
Four Sheets Jelly Fish SS Whiskey
Sailfin Eel Fish SS Minefield
Humongous Hermit Crab Fish SS Minefield
Gulper Eel Fish SS Graveyard
Gulper Eel Fish SS Graveyard
Distressed Damsel Fish Guardians Gate
Seabra Fish Guardians Gate
Red Snapper Fish Guardians Gate
Goat Fish Guardians Gate
Vomit Squid Fish Coral Lobby
Medicinal Star Fish Coral Lobby
Invurtle Fish Coral Lobby
Farty Box Fish Coral Lobby
Brittle Star Fish Heart Land
Grazer Fish Heart Land
Kitty Fish Wahwahport
Zool Fish Wahwahville
Dasweet Fish Wahwah Crescent
Phire Phly Fish Wahwah Reef
Velcro Wock Fish Wahwah Reef
White Bass Fish Lover's Lake
Splake Fish Lover's Lake
White Catfish Fish Lover's Lake
Burbot Fish Heartbreak Falls
Atlantic Salmon Fish Heartbreak Falls
Flathead Catfish Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Largemouth Bass Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Squamous Fish Innsmouth Island
Deep One Fish Innsmouth Island
Puff Gassy Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Dashi Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Flapper Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Rocket Clam Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Space Coddity Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Erna Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Wyvern Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Roc Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Coleman Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Go Sabi Go Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Zomyeag Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Cosmokova Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Yang Fish Monsoon Lagoon
Rocketide Fish Monsoon Lagoon