Fish Population/Habitat 1-3

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Non-Existent Possibly Extinct Almost Extinct
Fish Island
Octo Fish Sans Culpra
Octo Fish Sigs Vault
Melted Cubey Fish Magma Reef
Sir Sigfried Fish Sigs Wasteland
Plangaepus Fish Sigs Wasteland
Serpentine Fish Krakken Rocks
Golden Fish WaterPort
Cursed Arthurian Fish Fishertonville
Dweller Fish Blue Crescent
Yin Yang Koi Fish Snowpeak Summit
Patty Fish WaterPort
Jack O Pus Fish Waterport
Spotted Heart Octo Fish WaterPort
Leap Frog Fish WaterPort
Eggshell Sea Turtle Fish WaterPort
Ghost Soldier Fish WaterPort
SquidCake IV Fish Waterport
Stormy Charybdis Fish Eye of the Storm
Red Luv Fish WaterPort
Sweetheart Fish WaterPort
Heart Puffer Fish WaterPort
Love Hate Fish WaterPort
Queen of Hearts Fish WaterPort
Casanova Fish WaterPort
Lovebird Ray Fish WaterPort
Romliet Eel Fish WaterPort
Cupid Crab Fish WaterPort
Sig Sanctorio Fish SS Graveyard
Super Spud Fish WaterPort
Valentine Clam Fish Waterport
Heartworm Fish Heart Land
Rosey Lion Fish rt
Antaboga Fish Lost Temple
Kwanky Fish Wahwahport
Mother Hydra Fish Innsmouth Island

Fish Island
Arthurian Fish Fishertonville
Graveskeeper Fish Fishertonville
Joan of Arc Fish Sigs Wasteland
Razor Shark Fish Sigs Wasteland
Matador Fish Blue Crescent
Radioactive Fish Blue Crescent
King Crab Fish Sans Culpra
King Crab Fish Sigs Vault
Red Lobsta Fish Sans Culpra
Red Lobsta Fish Sigs Vault
Red Lobsta Fish Sigs Wasteland
T850 Fish Sans Culpra
Octo Magma Fish Magma Reef
Cocktail Shrimp Fish San Digloo
Cocktail Shrimp Fish Lake Freezberg
Cocktail Shrimp Fish Snowpeak River
Mother Cubey Fish Glacier Bay
Mother Cubey Fish San Digloo
Mother Cubey Fish Lake Freezberg
Mother Cubey Fish Snowpeak River
Bottom Feeder Fish Snowpeak River
Reigning Ice Fish Snowpeak River
Reigning Ice Fish Snowpeak Summit
Saint Fish Snowpeak Summit
Purgatory Fish Snowpeak Summit
Octo Octo Fish Sigs Vault
Kingdom Crab Fish Sigs Wasteland
Electropian Lobsta Fish Sigs Vault
Electropian Lobsta Fish Sigs Wasteland
Diamond Rock Fish Sigs Wasteland
Joan of Enjer Fish Sigs Wasteland
Razorback Fish Sigs Wasteland
Loot Fish Devils Cove
Black Beardopus Fish Deadwater Pass
Mutinous Fish Deadwater Pass
Krakken Fish Krakken Rocks
Golden Knight Fish Stormy Straight
Reigning Deity Fish Eye of the Storm
Cupid Crab Fish Red Love Bay
Whiskey Wolf Fish SS Whiskey
Parasite Evolved Fish SS Minefield
Tentacle of Terror Fish SS Graveyard
Monster Stu Fish SS Graveyard
Monster Stu Fish Eye of the Storm
Mandarin Fish Guardians Gate
Scorpion Fish Guardians Gate
Coral Carp Fish Coral Lobby
Razortip Reef Shark Fish Coral Lobby
Birthday Candle Slug Fish WaterPort
Queen Angel Fish Heart Land
Titan Trigger Fish Heart Land
Wishbone Fish WaterPort
Sandy Claws Fish WaterPort
Rosey Lion Fish Red Love Bay
Seedling Fish WaterPort
Lady Liberty Fish WaterPort
Onesie Jerry Fish Wahwah Reef
Otto Mama Fish Wahwah Reef
Beetleel Fish WaterPort
Garuda Fish Lost Temple
Keris Fish Lost Temple
Northern Pike Fish Rakkaus Tarn
Dagon Fish Innsmouth Island
Finstrong Fish Monsoon Lagoon

Fish Island
Ninja Fish WaterPort
Poison Oak Fish WaterPort
Wanderer Fish WaterPort
Marshall Fish WaterPort
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Blue Crescent
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Sans Culpra
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Sigs Lair
Matador Fish Blue Caldera
Radioactive Fish Blue Caldera
Fiddler Crab Fish Sigs Wasteland
Fire Lion Fish Magma Reef
Octo Magma Fish Sigs Wasteland
Cocktail Shrimp Fish Glacier Bay
Meat Grinder Marlin Fish Sigs Lair
Kingdom Crab Fish Sigs Vault
Band Crab Fish Sigs Wasteland
Magma Octo Fish Sigs Wasteland
Igor the Algae Fish Sigs Wasteland
Igor the Plankton Fish Sigs Wasteland
Navigator Fish Krakken Rocks
Crossbone Fish Krakken Rocks
Jones Giant Squid Fish Krakken Rocks
Man o war Fish Krakken Rocks
Underbite Fish Misty Cliffs
Scissor Squid Fish Bottomless Depths
Toby Richards Fish Bottomless Depths
Lenguatic Bass Fish Doom Island
Wooly Steer Fish Doom Island
Winged Flame Fish Doom Island
Wed Dialo Fish Wahwahport
Kai Fish Wahwahport
Wock Fish Wahwahville
Weller Fish Wahwah Crescent
Phire Phiter Fish Wahwah Reef
Atlantic Wolf Fish Fariana Trench
Pacific Black Dragon Fish Fariana Trench
Channel Catfish Fish Lover's Lake
Shortnose Sturgeon Fish Heartbreak Falls
Hapless Fish Innsmouth Island
Jefferson Airfish Fish Monsoon Lagoon