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The Fish Wrangler game has a stand-alone platform that enables game play without needing Facebook or enables linking to your Facebook account without needing to log into Facebook and play.

Fish Wrangler Platform[edit]

Access to the stand-alone Fish Wrangler web page platform is via https://fish-wrangler.com which allows you to log-in and play either through Facebook or through Fish-Wrangler.com. Logging in and playing through stand-alone page is linked to your Facebook account, if you already have one. It is against the TOS to have multiple accounts, so please use the email associated with your facebook account, if you already have one and if possible.

If you no longer recall what that is you can create a new account, but once logged in you must use the Contact Us link asking to be linked to your old account.

You can see the benefits of play prior to logging into Fish-Wrangler.com for either Facebook app or FW stand-alone platform. Once logged into FW platform, you can also see the benefits at the top left in Green banner, by clicking "Logged in via Fish-Wrangler.com" link.

What does playing on Fish-Wrangler.com mean?[edit]

Due to Facebook's TOS update, we cannot link to Fish-Wrangler.com via Facebook. We didn't want to kill off fish-wrangler.com because having some independence is good and we wanted to give players some benefits to playing on our new platform. Therefore, we created our own authentication system, where you can create your own password and log in without needing Facebook. This will speed up page loads and prevent outages associated with Facebook's constantly changing code base.

Pro's of Fish-Wrangler.com[edit]

Benefits to playing via Fish-Wrangler.com are:
» Get 30 secs off Fishing Timer!
» 2% boost to Strength and Total Skill stats!
» 5% less Chum Loss! (Chum won't be lost as much!)
» Faster page loads (We don't have to use Facebook's slow API calls, or have them parse it in an iFrame)
» Buy RLC via Paypal! (FW's preferred payment method!)

Con's of Fish-Wrangler.com[edit]

» Invites and MTB's must be sent on the Facebook version
» We don't yet have popup notifications for when MTB's arrive

Benefits playing on Facebook App[edit]

» Game notifications popup instantly!
» Invite Facebook friends!
» Don't need to leave Facebook.com!
» Can play on Fish-Wrangler.com at later point!

NOTE: Inviting other fish wrangler players into your crew can still be done while logged into stand-alone page, but will be unable to invite Facebook friends into your crew unless you are logged in via Facebook app.