Eyeball Ray Fish

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Eyeball Ray Fish
Farovian Fish
Eyeball-ray hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 1,164
Min. Points 2,633
Min. Tourn. Points 312 points
Strength Sight
Min. Weight 10.13 lb / 4.59 kg
Min. Pole Level 26 Planktonite
Level 26 Algaenite
Min. Skill Sub-Zero Survival Training
Habitat (Population) Sigs Vault (Rare)
Sigs Wasteland (Rare)
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Description: The Sting Ray will no longer have to worry about being blind after the emergence of the Eyeball Ray. The new breed lost all musical talent during mutation, but has been known to keep a close eye on the Band Crab.

How to catch Eyeball Ray Fish:
Catch Eyeball Ray Fish by using a Level 26+ Algaenite or Planktonite in Sig's Vault and Sig's Wasteland. Requires the skill of Sub-Zero Survival Training.