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Cost 19,231 (19k less per hour)
Strength 54,000
Lure Rating
Requirement Reach Rainbow Rising
Retail Outlet Rainbow Rising
Extendarod Quests

Description: The Extendarod is a popular choice for new fisherman of Melody Beach, it's telescopic abilities make it perfect for packing and bringing with you wherever you go! Be sure to stock up on Sandy's special UV Sunscream, or you'll be paying hefty repair fees!

The Extendarod is one of two poles you can choose to use when you begin in the Rainbow Rising region - the other is the Handline. It was released on December 11, 2019. The poles originally cost higher on the day of release, starting at 2,000,000 Silver. Both poles than decreased by 19k less per hour, until it reached 19,231.

Max Level: 110
Exp. per level: 130


Titanium Treble[edit]

Titanium Treble was released on December 19, 2019

This treble hook allows you to catch the Rudder shark which you can get the rudder from to fix Sandy's kayak to allow you to catch more ferocious fish! *Addon may slow down pole leveling*

Adds: 25 base levels to your Extendarod
Min Req: Level 10 Extendarod
Cost: 9,615 (was ?? - 10k per hour) silver
Strength: 54,446 (+248) / 55,535 (+314) FW.com
Skill Points: +308 / +314 FW.com

Titanium Treble

Pole leveling is now 140 exp. per level

Telescopic Extension[edit]

Telescopic Extension was released January 11, 2020

This addon adds an extra telescopic section to the butt of the pole to allow for extra suncream storage, increases from 100ml to 200ml. *Addon may slow down pole leveling*

Adds: 25 base levels to your Extendarod
Min Req: Level 35 Extendarod
Cost: 10,714 (was 3,000,000 - 11k per hour) silver
Strength: 54,791 (+307) / 55,886 (+313, FW.com)
Skill Points: +307 / +313 (FW.com)

Telescopic Extension

Pole leveling is now 145 exp. per level.

Heavy Duty Lead[edit]

Released January 20, 2020

This big lump of lead will help you to get your bait down through the strong currents to Mermaid Reef *Addon may slow down pole leveling*

Adds: 20 base levels to your Extendarod
Min Req: Level 60 Extendarod
Cost: 15,086 (was 3,500,000 - 15k per hour) silver
Strength: 55,074 (+246) / 56,175 (+250) FW.com
Skill Points: +246 / +251 FW.com

Heavy Duty Lead

Pole leveling is now at 155 exp. per level.

SSS Line[edit]

SSS Line has not yet been released (1 month 4 days as of January 16, 2020; 1 month 3 weeks as of December 28, 2019; 1 week 6 days as of February 6, 2020)

This carefully woven, super, slick silk was harvested from the Orb Weaver Fish to make Roperia's most durable fishing line! *Addon may slow down pole leveling*

Adds: 30 base levels to your Extendarod
Min Req: Level 80 Extendarod
Cost: 13,889 (was 6.0 million -14k less per hour) silver
Strength: 55,473 (+369) / 56,582 (+376) FW.com
Skill Points: +369 / +376 FW.com

SSS Line

Pole leveling is now at 160 exp. per level
Can only be bought at Rainbow Ridge
Once you have bought the final add-on to your pole, the SunScream will no longer be consumed for that pole.[1]

  1. See forum thread discussion here

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by that pole. The set of fish that can only be caught by the Extendarod are:

Sun Soaked Crab Fish Level 10+
Roller Ray Fish Level 20+
Siren Crab Fish Level 29+
Cow Ray Fish Level 35+
Flower Hat Jelly Fish Level 38+
Grass Eel Fish Level 41+
Rainbow Glider Fish Level 44+
Spotted Goby Fish Level 47+
Shutter Eye Fish Level 53+
Starlin Fish Level 56+
Blob Blob Fish Level 59+
Whipray Fish Level 62+
Red Ribbon Fish Level 66+
Merman Shark Fish Level 70+
Lava Lamprey Fish Level 72+
Goofy Trigger Fish Level 74+
Trevorlly Fish Level 78+
Snish Fish Level 83+
Capriner Fish Level 86+
Trident Shark Fish Level 90+
Phorcys Ray Fish Level 94+
Holiwhale Fish Level 98+
Huss Shark Fish Level 102+
Lobsaw Fish Level 106+
Armour Shark Fish Level 110+