Electric Krakken Fish

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Electric Krakken Fish
Farovian Fish
Electric Krakken hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,714
Min. Points 2,716
Min. Tourn. Points 317 points
Min. Weight 227.50 lb
Min. Pole Level 40 Electro Spear
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Habitat (Population) SS Minefield (Endangered)
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Description: DANGEROUS!
A bolt of voltaic energy from the Electric Krakken can single-handedly wipe out an entire ship, which most likely explains the vast number of shipwrecks in this region. Upon witnessing thunderous lightning bolts, activate a Level 40+ Electro Spear and seek safe shelter immediately!

Requires the Electro Spear E Breather add-on or higher to catch.
The Electric Krakken Fish may cause damage to your Electro Spear!

  • Krakken Kidnapping: Costs 6,500 gold (Occurs on ~85% of catches with Electro Spear)
  • Last Report: “I was missing for hours before the Coast Guards found me. The Electric Krakken kidnapped me in SS Minefield...the beast broke my Electric Spear but thank goodness I'm alive.” -Sailor Johnbob