Dark Medusa Fish

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Dark Medusa Fish
Farovian Fish
Dark-medusa hidden.jpg
Min. Gold 2,095
Min. Points 2,099
Min. Tourn. Points 241 points
Min. Weight 31.13 lb / 14.12 kg
Min. Pole Level 70 Palm Spear
Min. Skill Monster Wrangling
Habitat (Population) Eye of the Storm (Endangered)
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Description: DANGEROUS! Once in the eye of the storm, wranglers will encounter the most frightening eyes of the region: the Dark Medusa. Wranglers should never feel safe from this breed...because it's always lurking in the shadows of the Ten Year Storm.

The Dark Medusa Fish may cause damage to your Palm Spear! Lost Trident: Costs 5,500 gold (Occurs on ~80% of catches with Palm Spear) Last Report: “The Storm picked up and I spotted the evil eyes of the Dark Medusa beneath me, but I wasn't quick enough. I felt a tug...and my spear's trident went MIA.” -Sailor Franky