Da Diablo Shark Fish

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Da Diablo Shark Fish
Roperian Fish
Da-diablo-shark hidden.jpg
Min. Silver 2,515
Min. Points 2,520
Min. Tourn. Points TBD
Min. Weight 9.63 lb (Metallic)
Min. Pole Level 95 Candy Cane or Medical Mangler
Min. Skill Handling Rejection
Habitat (Population) Burnout Bay (Near Extinction)
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Description: DANGEROUS! With horn-like fins and the tail of the devil himself, this aggressive shark is in fact diabolic. Beware of the three rows of front teeth and trimmed goatee, which are common Diablo Shark traits.

The Da Diablo Shark Fish may cause damage to your Candy Cane! Diablo Damage: Costs 6,000 silver (Occurs on ~100% of catches with Candy Cane) Last Report: “Camouflaged into the dark of the evening, a pack of Da Diablos severely attacked my pole with diabolic destruction. Thankfully I was saved by the Burnout Bay Prison Guards!” -Senor Joebob