Cultish Fish

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Cultish Fish
Farovian Fish
Min. Gold 2,073
Min. Points 2,073
Min. Tourn. Points ?
Bait Preference
Min. Weight 8 lb / 3.6 kg
Min. Pole Level 4 Eldritch or Innsmouth Suit
Min. Skill
Habitat (Population) Innsmouth Island (Fairly Prolific)
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Description: TASK FISH!
This crazed-looking fish babbles at you when you pull it from the water. Something about Dagon? It’s creeping you out and putting strange images in your head. Maybe ol’ Earl can sell you some earplugs next time you’re in Waterport...

The Cultish is part of a Task:
Chapter #3: When the island comes into view, I start messing with the onboard radio … and I get through to Stu! He directs me around the island to a small bay with a weather-beaten dock. Stu stands there in dar...

NOTE: May drop the Esoteric Order of Dagon Ammulet.

Part of the following Quests: Fishie Rolls (42 fish required)