Cubey Incinerator

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Cubey Incinerator
Cost 125,000
Strength 3,256
Lure Rating 1,532
Min. Points 300,000
Retail Outlet Earl's Lava Shack (Magma Reef)
Cubey Incinerator Quests

Description: Armed with an ice-cold Cubey, the Lava Pole is hand crafted with care by one of Earl's students or interns. It's able to withstand the tremendous heat and has other special properties if used outside of Magma Reef.

The Cubey Incinerator is the only pole that can withstand the fiery inferno of Magma Reef, and even then will require cooling after 20 casts. More details on how this pole can be cooled can be found in Magma Reef. During tournament fishing, none of the 15 casts count toward heating up your pole - they are free casts.

One of the Cubey Incinerator's special properties is revealed when fishing in Waterport or Fishertonville. Instead of catching individual Cubey Fish, it can catch schools of Cubies, ranging from 2 to 100. More details on this special trait of this pole can be found in Schools of Cubeys.

Its other special property is revealed when used for Night Fishing. Instead of catching fish, the Cubey Incinerator has an unusual effect, which if the gamble pays off then yields a very positive return of gold and points, but equally the gamble could backfire costing the unlucky Night Fishing team dearly.

It will be necessary to retrieve the ice cube from the Cubey in this pole in a very particular way if you wish to travel to a land far away. More details can be found in the Icelantica Quest.


Huge Fire Hose[edit]

Extinguishes extra flames from the more dangerous augmented fish.

Complete: Lava Burritos Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Cubey Incinerator
Min Req: Level 50 Cubey Incinerator
Cost: 100,000 gold
Strength: 3994
Skill Points: +738

Liquid Nitrogen Tank & Sprayer[edit]

The Liquid Nitrogren Tank and Sprayer also help to cut back the heat from the mega sizzling augmented fish.

Complete: Fish Kabobs Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Cubey Incinerator
Min Req: Level 60 Cubey Incinerator
Cost: 200,000 gold
Strength: 4117
Skill Points: +738

Golden Plates of Reinforcement[edit]

The Gold Plated Reinforcements add more than stylish looks and charm... this augment allows the wealthy wranglers to reel in the most prized fish of Magma Reef.

Complete: Flamyro Filet Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Cubey Incinerator
Min Req: Level 70 Cubey Incinerator
Cost: 400,000 gold
Strength: 4240
Skill Points: +738

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by that pole. Due to the unique properties of the Cubey Incinerator, the fish exclusive to the CI is more than others - i.e. with a few exceptions (the Volcano Rock Fish which can be caught by the Sonar Pulverizer when unlocking Magma Reef and a few of the Magma Reef inhabitats experimented on by Sig in Sigs Wasteland) this list includes the majority of the Magma Reef fish.