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Claustro Cave is the second location found on eastern side of Big Love Island area. It was first released October 28, 2020 and is the 69th island in FW (42nd in Farovia).

The story was written by playing wrangler and author Lucy Snyder and the artwork was done by artist Diego

Claustro Cave[edit]

Description: Located in a subterranean cavern system on the eastern side of Big Love Island, Claustro Cave is home to some very strange, very scary species! You can only get into it through the basement of the Hideaway Inn, which is part of Breakfast Bay.

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Unlocking Claustro Cave[edit]

Follow the chapters 1-3 in The Story of Claustro Cave by meeting the requirements in Breakfast Bay

The area is accessible by Bass Boat.

What to Catch[edit]

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Cave Leech Fish Level 0 Cavern Sweeper - Cave Spear 12Fairly Prolific 2,491 2,350 -
Barbatula Fish Level 0 Cavern Sweeper - Cave Spear 11Numerous 2,402 2,355 -
Hagfish Fish Level 8 Cavern Sweeper 09Rare 2,496 2,400 -
Draconectes Fish Level 9 Cave Spear 09Rare 2,499 2,450 -
Giant Leech Fish Level 15 Cavern Sweeper 08Very Rare 2,640 2,444 -
Oreonectes Fish Level 14 Cave Spear 08Very Rare 2,615 2,444 -
Nemacheilus Fish Level 23 Cavern Sweeper 10Average 1,870 1,833 -
Triplophysa Fish Level 19 Cave Spear 10Average 2,120 2,000 -
Tor Fish Level 30 Cavern Sweeper 06Threatened 3,240 3,000 Lucent Chum
Troglonectes Fish Level 25 Cave Spear 06Threatened 3,240 3,000 Lucent Chum
Xiurenbagrus Fish Level 36 Cavern Sweeper 07Extremely Rare 2,835 2,700 -
Strangeness Fish Level 30 Cave Spear 07Extremely Rare 2,889 2,700 -
Garra Fish Level 44 Cavern Sweeper 09Rare 2,472 2,400 -
Subterranean Sturgeon Fish Level 35 Cave Spear 09Rare 2,592 2,400 -
Shortfin Molly Fish Level 48 Cavern Sweeper - Cave Spear 04Critically Endangered 4,120 4,000 -
Mimic Fish Level 39 Cave Spear 07Extremely Rare 3,600 3,429 Lucent Chum
Cryptotora Fish Level 52 Cavern Sweeper 07Extremely Rare 3,498 3,429 -
Eidinemacheilus Fish Level 49 Cave Spear 10Average 2,060 2,000 -
Indoreonectes Fish Level 58 Cavern Sweeper 10Average 2,060 2,000 -
Schistura Fish Level 55 Cave Spear 09Rare 2,568 2,400 -
Speonectes Fish Level 61 Cavern Sweeper 09Rare 2,592 2,400 -
Blind Cave Tetra Fish Level 60 Cave Spear 07Extremely Rare 2,754 2,700 -
Cave Tenebrous Fish Level 69 Cavern Sweeper 07Extremely Rare 2,916 2,700 -
CHUD Fish Level 68 Cave Spear 07Extremely Rare 2,884 2,800 -
Cavern Pike Fish Level 73 Cavern Sweeper 07Extremely Rare 3,024 2,800 -
Barbopsis Fish Level 73 Cave Spear 07Extremely Rare 2,968 2,800 -
Astroblepus Fish Level 79 Cavern Sweeper 06Threatened 3,605 3,500 Lucent Chum
Ancistrus Fish Level 79 Cave Spear 06Threatened 3,605 3,500 Lucent Chum
Crawler Fish Level 85 Cavern Sweeper 08Very Rare 3,091 2,889 -
Cave Horror Fish Level 84 Cave Spear 08Very Rare 3,120 2,889 -
Cave Cyclo Fish Level 89 Cavern Sweeper 08Very Rare 3,062 2,889 -
Cold Skin Fish Level 92 Cave Spear 08Very Rare 3,380 3,250 -
Sinocyclocheilus Fish Level 92 Cavern Sweeper 08Very Rare 3,315 3,250 -
Freshwater Deep Fish Level 96 Cave Spear 03Near Extinction 21,600 20,000 Lucent Chum
Blind Shark Fish Level 96 Cavern Sweeper 03Near Extinction 21,000 20,000 Lucent Chum
Sewer Alligator Fish Level 100 Cavern Sweeper - Cave Spear 01Non-Existent 108,000 100,000 -

A rogues gallery of each Claustro Cave fish can be found in The Fish of Claustro Cave. Full descriptions of each Claustro Cave fish can be found by clicking on each individual fish in the table above.

What to Buy[edit]

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Poles include Cavern Sweeper and Cave Spear.

On the first day of release, you need to wait 60 minutes where you are "throwing stuff together" or "Cleaning off old harpoon". Or you can skip the wait for 4 million gold or 2.5 million gold respectively. Afterwards, you must "start sweeping" or "test the spear" respectively and then you can start fishing.

You cannot buy any chum here but you can activate/sell Breakfast Bay Jammin Chum, Ghostly Chum, and Suga Suga Chum. You can activate/sell the Lucent Chum.

Type Item Cost Points

How to Play[edit]

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You can also use Breakfast Bay chums: Jammin Chum, Ghostly Chum, and Suga Suga Chum, but you can try out other chums and see what works.

There is a new chum called Lucent Chum. The only way to receive Lucent Chum is by finding a Lucent Troop resource in a Claustro Cave treasure chest. Once you find a Lucent Troop, you have the option to break one (turn status to ON), which will then provide you with 1-8? Lucent Chums. There's also a rare "Lucky" chance you might break it into more chums.

There is a new collectable set of Abigail's Lost Spoons & Cups but those require catching fish of various levels (14 to 100) using the Cavern Sweeper and Cave Spear poles.


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