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You must chum the water every time you go fishing. Below is a list of the chum you can buy. More details around each chum are provided in the individual pages available accessible via the link from each Chum name.

Each type has different levels of 'attraction', which improve your chances of making a catch. It's up to you to decide if and when the expensive chum is worth it.

If you'd like to see the chum in your region, click this link.

Chum - Special, Regular Chum, and Limits[edit]

As of 2014, there are 33 different types of chum between Farovia & Roperia. 29 of these are considered regular chum, and can be purchased in their respective islands or found in treasure chests. The rest are considered special chums, like those only found through fishing ((Loaf Chum & Butter Chum). Free Love Chum is earned through placing in tournaments, but also rarely given away and can also be found in MTBs, treasures, and completing certain collection sets.

While Red Love Chum is the only chum which can be bought through paying real world currency, you can still earn some by completing offers, or by others who have it the forums. You can find places where you can exchange it by giving/receiving gold/silver, agreeing to trade collection sets with others (honor system), or sometimes by nice wranglers who offer it in contests or give it out freely - the latter which, it's considered proper form to thank them for their generosity in the forums or their profiles!

With the exception of Red Love Chum, the maximum amount of chum that can be purchased varies depending on the size of your Crew. (Loaf Chum, Butter Chum, and Free Love Chum cannot be purchased and hence are not held to this rule). Note, the number of crew does not include yourself.

Chum limit:
# of Crew Maximum Chum
1-2 Crew Hold 200 chums
3-9 Crew Hold 400 chums
10-19 Crew Hold 600 chums
20+ Crew Hold 800 chums (MAX)

Note: If you have ever purchased Red Love Chum, you can hold 800 of any regular chum, regardless of crew size.

Chum found in treasure chests (Farovia) or treasure cases (Roperia) can allow the number of chum held to exceed this limit.

Farovia Chum List[edit]

Icon Chum Cost (in gold) Attraction Loss Rate Chum Id#
Generic chum small.gif Generic Chum 5 0% 50% 1
Steak chum small.gif Steak Chum 16 5% 25% 2
Cayenne chum small.gif Cayenne Chum 34 9% 60% 3
Loaf chum small.gif Loaf Chum N/A 8% 75% 5
Fish guts chum small.gif Fish Guts Chum 80 9% 30% 6
Fire sludge chum small.gif Fire Sludge Chum 30 8% 50% 7
Blue earthworms chum small.gif Blue Earthworm Chum 90 14% 30% 16
Tidepool Mush chum small.gif Tidepool Mush Chum 50 0% 20% 32
Kelp Paste chum small.gif Kelp Paste Chum 50 0% 20% 33
Fruit Medley chum small.gif Fruit Medley Chum 50 0% 20% 34
Veggie blend chum small.gif Veggie Blend Chum 100 5% 50% 9
Nail goo chum small.gif Nail Goo Chum 100 5% 50% 10
Algae chum small.gif Algae Chum 101 6% 29% 11
Plankton chum small.gif Plankton Chum 101 6% 29% 12
Gold goop chum small.gif Gold Goop Chum 150 6% 30% 14
Diamond dip chum small.gif Diamond Dip Chum 150 6% 30% 15
Phire swudge chum small.gif Phire Swudge Chum 29 8% 50% 35
Scuba chum small.gif Scuba Chum 160 7% 35% 36
Frisky chum small.gif Frisky Chum 140 5% 80% 37
Allure chum small.gif Allure Chum 170 7% 50% 38
Stinky chum small.gif Stinky Chum 130 4% 79% 39
Pretzel chum small.gif Pretzel Chum 180 8% 80% 40
Ambrosia chum small.gif Ambrosia Chum 190 8% 70% 41
Cosmo cream chum small.gif Cosmo Cream Chum 200 8% 60% 42
Jammin chum small46.gif Jammin Chum 180 4% 70% 46
Ghostly chum small47.gif Ghostly Chum 190 5% 60% 47
Suga suga chum small48.gif Suga Suga Chum 185 6% 65% 48
Red love chum small.gif Red Love Chum - 15% 0% 4
Free love chum small.gif Free Love Chum - 15% 0% 13
Icon Chum Cost (in gold) Attraction Loss Rate Chum Id#

Roperia Chum List[edit]

Icon Chum Cost (in silver) Attraction Loss Rate Chum Id#
Grub chum small.gif Grub Chum 40 0% 50% 17
Mystery meat chum small.gif Mystery Meat Chum 50 5% 50% 18
Tater chum small.gif Tater Chum 75 9% 50% 19
Butter chum small.gif Butter Chum N/A 8% 75% 20
Prawn chum small.gif Prawn Chum 80 9% 76% 21
Roachmini.gif Rock Roach Chum 110 8% 50% 22
Pita chum small.gif Pita Chum 115 8% 50% 23
Clay pigeon chum small.gif Clay Pigeon Chum 60 8% 40% 24
Shepherd-pie small.gif Shepherd Pie Chum 100 8% 40% 25
Phalange chum small.gif Phalange Chum 110 8% 37% 26
Gamepiece Chum Gamepiece Chum 110 8%


Bacco small.gif Bacco Chum 120 8% 39% 28
Jerky small.gif Jerky Chum 120 8% 39% 29
Biscuit small.gif Biscuit Chum 150 8% 40% 30
Snickerdookie small.gif Snickerdookie Chum 150 8% 40% 31
Sardine small.gif Sardine Chum 170 10% 40% 43
Mullet small.gif Mullet Chum 170 5% 45% 44
Squidy small.gif Squidy Chum 170 5% 50% 45
Red love chum small.gif Red Love Chum - 15% 0% 4
Free love chum small.gif Free Love Chum - 15% 0% 13
Icon Chum Cost (in silver) Attraction Loss Rate Chum Id#

Chum Attraction[edit]

Each Chum has an attraction rate that is used, along with your current pole level, to calculate the Catch Bonus. So for example, Cayenne Chum (9% Attraction Rating) gives you a 4% better chance of catching fish than Steak Chum (which has a 5% Attraction Rating).

A 9% Attraction Rating means you'll increase your chances of making any catch by 9%, and lowering your chances of not catching anything by 9%.

Chum Loss[edit]

Chum loss occurs when you go fishing and do not catch anything, and you have to recollect your chum. Some chums are easier to retain than others. For example, Loaf Chum gets soggy and is not easy to retain.

This statistic only comes into play if you do not manage to attract a fish.

  • A miss with losing your chum will result in a line such as ... My chum floated away into the deep waters!
  • A miss while retaining your chum will give you the message such as ... Didn't catch anything. Nice Whiff!

Note: When logged in via FW platform, one of the benefits will decrease all game chum loss by 5%.

Chum Preference[edit]

Some fish have a preference for a particular type of chum where the use of this chum will double your chances of catching that fish. If there is such a preference, the fish that are attracted to each type of chum is listed on the individual chum pages and a summary is shown below.

Note that just because the chance of catching that fish is doubled, does not guarantee that you will catch that fish. For example, if you normally have a 1% chance of catching a particular fish, and you use its preferred chum, it'll double the chance making it 2% - the 1% difference in this example won't be that noticeable. The effect of this chum choice will be more noticeable with the common fish where if you have a 20% chance of catching that fish, a 40% chance of catching that fish will be a lot more apparent.

Farovia Fish Chum Preferences[edit]

Also see the Roperian Bait Preferences Table

Bait Fish
Generic Chum
Salmon of Wisdom Fish
Scitzo Shark Fish
SquidCake Fish
Sunfish Fish
Blue Catfish Fish
Steak Chum
Vampire Fish
Hate Fish
Chainsaw Marlin Fish
Vet Fish
Flamyro Fish
Brokenheart Fish
Ferret Eel Fish
Beetleel Fish
Cayenne Chum
Fiesta Fish
Wither Fish
Rock Fish
Spotted Eagle Ray Fish
Pink Ribbon Fish
Loaf Chum
Loafy Fish
Grim Fish
Lady Liberty Fish
Bluegill Fish
White Bass Fish
Smallmouth Bass Fish
Fish Guts Chum
Woodpecker Fish
Mechanic Fish
Pioneer Fish
Patriotic Seabird Fish
Fire Sludge Chum
Fire Fighter Fish
Blue Earthworm Chum
Akkoromakui Fish
Veggie Blend Chum
Lantern Fish
Sunday Snail Fish
Sunday Snail Fish
Nail Goo Chum
Squid Vicious Fish
Algae Chum
Band Crab Fish
Igor the Algae Fish
Plankton Chum
Magma Octo Fish
Igor the Plankton Fish
Frisky Chum
Black Crappie Fish
Yellow Perch Fish
White Perch Fish
Shortnose Sturgeon Fish
Flathead Catfish Fish
Allure Chum
Splake Fish
Smelt Fish
Atlantic Salmon Fish
Coho Salmon Fish
Walleye Fish
Lake Whitefish Fish
Steelhead Trout Fish
Bull Trout Fish
Pallid Sturgeon Fish
Largemouth Bass Fish
Muskie Fish
Stinky Chum
White Catfish Fish
Channel Catfish Fish
Brown Bullhead Fish
Burbot Fish
Gulf Sturgeon Fish
Chinook Salmon Fish
Northern Pike Fish
Pretzel Chum
Bajan Fish
Red Shark Fish
Space Coddity Fish
Ambrosia Chum
Griffly Fish
Roc Fish
Montgolfier Fish
Auriol Fish
Cosmo Cream Chum
Pancho Fish
Gleel Fish
Buzzy Fish
Red Love Chum
Free Love Chum
Leaf Clover Fish

Roperian Fish Chum Preferences[edit]

Also see the Farovian Bait Preferences Table

Bait Fish
Grub Chum
Mystery Meat Chum
Whalarkish Fish
Franken Ness Monster Fish
Pita Chum
Pegasus Ray Fish
Harpy Ray Fish
Sardine Chum
Octomaid Fish
Fanged Camo Flattie Fish
Blue Unicorn Fish
Starlin Fish
Parrot Puffer Fish
Blob Blob Fish
Spikey le Blue Fish
Trevorlly Fish
Capriner Fish
Trident Shark Fish
Huss Shark Fish
Firebelly Fish
Armour Shark Fish
Ragged Sawfish Fish
Mullet Chum
Roller Ray Fish
Swashbuckled Suave Fish
Siren Crab Fish
Big Ears Fish
Cow Ray Fish
Gireel Fish
Whipray Fish
Lonely Soul Fish
Red Ribbon Fish
Silver Ribbon Fish
Phorcys Ray Fish
Camel Ray Fish
Holiwhale Fish
Racer Dolphin Fish
Squidy Chum
Flower Hat Jelly Fish
Reciprifish Fish
Grass Eel Fish
Spotted Gar Fish
Rainbow Glider Fish
Bramble Ray Fish
Spotted Goby Fish
Merman Shark Fish
Mermaid Shark Fish
Goofy Trigger Fish
Snish Fish
Jawlock Angler Fish
Lobsaw Fish
Eelee Fish
Red Love Chum
Free Love Chum

If a particular fish does not appear on the table then it has no chum preference.

Returning Chum[edit]

With the exception of Free Love Chum and Red Love Chum, Chum can be returned at any time to Captain Jozek (even if it wasn't purchased from his stores i.e. Loaf Chum and Fire Sludge Chum) by clicking the "sell some" link in the chum list. You do not have to be in a location with a store in order to return chum.

All of the chum are refunded at their list price except for Loaf Chum and Butter Chum (which are awarded, not purchased, but refund for 30 gold/silver per piece, respectively).

If you return any Veggie Blend Chum, Nail Goo Chum, Algae Chum, Plankton Chum, Gold Goop Chum or Diamond Dip Chum, your Goodness/Evilness rating will be deducted accordingly.

Chum Gallery[edit]

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