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Roperia is a newer Region which opened Nov 2010, where things resemble Farovia but are a little off, dirty and overfished. It is like the original region of Farovia in most aspects, the biggest change is the currency is now Silver (instead of Gold). Anyone with 4,000 gold starting off the game in Farovia can Shuttle back and forth between the two regions which is a 30 second trip. This can be found in-game directly under the 'Home' tab and selecting 'Shuttle to Roperia' or clicking this link here.


Roperia Details[edit]

For more details on how to first access Roperia you can see the spoiler page Unlocking Roperia.

You start completely over with everything including its own points (Angler Classes), currency (Silver), Skills, Boats, Poles and Chum. However the Fish Now timer is shared by both regions (you can only fish every 15 minutes in one location or the other).

While much of the locations resemble one of the Farovian locations, they also have different themes. Also Roperia is more of an open area, being able to choose which ever Islands and route you want shortly after getting past the basics and the second Island. Collection Sets are quite often used to unlock and advance to the next Island.

List of Roperia Islands[edit]

Roperian Sea[edit]

Mount Promontory[edit]


Nizon River[edit]

Dodge River[edit]

Declination River[edit]

Icelantica Backside[edit]

Roperian Garbage Patch[edit]


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