Broken Standard

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Broken Standard
Cost 280
Strength 15
Lure Rating 25
Min. Points 0
Retail Outlet WaterPort Fishing Pole Shop
Fishertonville Fishing Pole Shop
Blue Crescent Fishing Pole Shop
Broken Standard Quests

Description: The broken standard pole allows one to cast the line, far into the water... unlike the Oak Branch. However, it's broken reel often causes problems - making it equivalent to the Oak Branch.

The Broken Standard is one of two poles you can choose to use when you begin the game - the other is the Oak Branch.

Over time, the preferred lure to use with the Broken Standard changed from a stinky steak to a hammer - the old version can be seen here.


Fixed Reel[edit]

The Broken Standard was just that. This augment replaces the old wrench reel.

Complete: Carpe Sliders Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Broken Standard
Min Req: Level 50 Broken Standard
Cost: 25,000 gold
Strength: 753
Skill Points: +738

Fixed Reel

Fixed Pole[edit]

The Broken Pole has always needed to go, so with this augment we've reconstructed the entire rod.

Complete: Fish Sticks Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Broken Standard
Min Req: Level 60 Broken Standard
Cost: 50,000 gold
Strength: 876
Skill Points: +123

Fixed Pole

Rump Roast[edit]

The steak lure was good for starters, but this large and steaming roast is just what we needed.

Complete: Escapist Filet Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Broken Standard
Min Req: Level 70 Broken Standard
Cost: 75,000 gold
Strength: 999
Skill Points: +123

Rump Roast

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by that pole. The set of fish that can only be caught by the Broken Standard are:

Cornucopia Fish Level 25+
Houdini Fish Level 50+
Duct Tape Eel Fish Level 57+
Shard Fish Level 64+
Mechanic Fish Level 73+
Wanderer Fish Level 80

Secret Standard[edit]

The Secret Standard is the stealth upgrade of the Broken Standard. It is unlocked after having leveled the Camo Branch pole to level 25, catching the Kriller Fish, and unlocking the modification at Earl's place at WaterPort. The cost to upgrade was initially 10 million gold - 1,000 less per hour. Originally the timer started when you visited Earl,[1] but now that it's been over 30 days since the original release, you only have to pay the settled value of 1,000 gold.

You can then level your Stealth by fishing at WaterPier. Note that in the non-stealth areas like WaterPort, it will be treated as a regular Broken Standard and not level your Stealth. Also while you catch fish in WaterPier, it will still level your regular Broken Standard. Stealth can be affected by pole leveling bonuses.

For Secret Standard, the Stealth leveling seems to be about 200 exp. per level: (0.01 for catch, 0.005 for miss, 0.02 with love chum).