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Blue Caldera is a location in Farovia and the 3rd of the three Stealth islands. It was first released on June 24, 2021 and is the 72nd island in FW (45th in Farovia).

The title was first revealed from the chum pages.

Blue Caldera[edit]

Description: Go where no wrangler has gone! Within Blue Crescent lies a beautiful secret fishing spot! Clean water heated by the lava of Magma Reef, take a dip or fish for some very unique fish!

(To see what the island looks like behind the shadows, click here!) (To travel there, click here!)

What to Catch[edit]

Fish Min. Pole Population Status Min. Points Min. Gold Min. Skill Chum Preference
Sapphire Shark Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole/ Sonar Pulverizer 09Rare 475 480 Habitats of Large Fish -
Red Diablo Shark Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole 10Average 600 615 Habitats of Large Fish -
Toro Fish Steam Powered Hydro-pole 10Average 310 302 Habitats of Large Fish -
Putrid Fish Level 10 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 09Rare 1,952 1,560 Art of Night Fishing -
Ferret Eel Fish Level 15 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 07Extremely Rare 1,422 1,304 Habitats of Large Fish Steak Chum
Joan of Arc Fish Level 25 Sonar Pulverizer 07Extremely Rare 3,651 2,432 Habitats of Large Fish -
Rock Fish Level 10 Sonar Pulverizer 03Near Extinction 3,233 3,555 Mastering Shark Wrangling Cayenne Chum
Chainsaw Marlin Fish Level 5 Sonar Pulverizer/ Level 4 Spear Gun 04Critically Endangered 2,402 2,254 Mastering Shark Wrangling Steak Chum
Dr Deceit Fish Level 10 Sonar Pulverizer/ Level 4 Evil Obliterator/ Level 4 Holy Liberator 05Endangered 2,606 2,350 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Glider Fish Level 15 Sonar Pulverizer 09Rare 1,596 1,515 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
T150 Fish Level 50 Sonar Pulverizer 05Endangered 3,521 3,356 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Bat Fish Level 53 Sonar Pulverizer 04Critically Endangered 3,608 2,723 Secrets of Farovia -
Sub Fish Level 57 Sonar Pulverizer 10Average 2,560 1,924 Secrets of Farovia -
Vet Fish Level 64 Sonar Pulverizer 09Rare 3,475 2,290 Secrets of Farovia Steak Chum
Purpy Fish Level 73 Sonar Pulverizer 05Endangered 3,867 2,860 Secrets of Farovia -
Matador Fish Level 80 Sonar Pulverizer Almost Extinct 4,461 3,108 Secrets of Farovia -
Striped Diablo Fish Level 50 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 05Endangered 3,422 3,255 Habitats of Large Fish -
Loco Fish Level 57 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 09Rare 2,175 1,870 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
T50 Fish Level 64 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 06Threatened 2,402 2,166 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Sea Crocodile Fish Level 73 Steam Powered Hydro-pole 05Endangered 2,625 2,393 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Radioactive Fish Level 80 Steam Powered Hydro-pole Almost Extinct 2,890 2,603 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Volcano Rock Fish Level 20 Cubey Incinerator/ (Level 15 Sonar Pulverizer in Blue Crescent) 06Threatened 1,599 1,305 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Melted Cubey Fish Level 50 Cubey Incinerator 07Extremely Rare 6,021 4,503 Mastering Shark Wrangling -
Ghost Shark Fish Stealth Level 0 Electric Hydro/ Stealth Level 0 Nuclear Pulverizer 10Average 4,515 4,260 -
Sane Shark Fish Stealth Level 3 Electric Hydro 02Possibly Extinct 4,845 4,750 -
Yoohoo Wahoo Fish Stealth Level 6 Electric Hydro 09Rare 4,696 4,389 -
Lump Sucker Fish Stealth Level 11 Electric Hydro 02Possibly Extinct 4,589 4,455 -
Puff Daddy Fish Stealth Level 16 Electric Hydro 08Very Rare 4,748 4,521 -
Coy Koi Fish Stealth Level 25 Electric Hydro 02Possibly Extinct 5,228 5,125 -
Oi Sir Fish Stealth Level 0 Nuclear Pulverizer 09Rare 5,031 4,659 -
Hitchhiker Barnacle Fish Stealth Level 3 Nuclear Pulverizer 09Rare 4,965 4,729 -
Rock Johnson Fish Stealth Level 7 Nuclear Pulverizer 02Possibly Extinct 5,086 4,799 -
DiCarprio Fish Stealth Level 13 Nuclear Pulverizer 08Very Rare 4,969 4,871 -
Anti-Wrangler Fish Stealth Level 18 Nuclear Pulverizer 02Possibly Extinct 6,438 6,250 -
Wels Catfish Fish Stealth Level 25 Nuclear Pulverizer 02Possibly Extinct 7,725 7,500 -

A rogues gallery of each Blue Caldera fish can be found in The Fish of Blue Caldera. Full descriptions of each Blue Caldera fish can be found by clicking on each individual fish in the table above.

How to Play[edit]

As with WaterPier, fish like you normally do with the poles that are normally used in Blue Crescent. You will need to start with the Steam Powered Hydro-pole and accumulate Stealth, and then after Stealth level 25, you can unlock the stealth version of the Sonar Pulverizer.

Poles available include:

Electric Hydro, the Stealth version of the Steam Powered Hydro-pole, released June 24, 2021
Nuclear Pulverizer, the Stealth version of the Sonar Pulverizer, released July 15, 2021 (FW 13th birthday).

Note that your poles will be referred to by their stealth names in the stealth locations and will be normal in other areas.