Big Mouth Fish

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Big Mouth Fish
Farovian Fish
Big Mouth Fish.jpg
Min. Gold 1,189
Min. Points 2,250
Min. Tourn. Points 257 points
Strength Yappin
Min. Weight 3.13 lb / 1.42 kg
Min. Pole Level 54 Holy Liberator
Level 54 Evil Obliterator
Min. Skill Scuba Fishing License
Habitat (Population) Lake Freezberg (Fairly Prolific)
Snowpeak River (Extremely Rare)
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Description: The Big Mouth is a type of bass that flourishes in the Lakes of Icelantica. Although the fish looks harmless and naive, the fish puts up an exciting fight and can escape even the best wranglers in Icelantica.

How to catch Big Mouth Fish: Catch Big Mouth Fish by using a Level 54+ Holy Liberator or Evil Obliterator in Lake Freezberg and Snowpeak River. Requires the skill of the Scuba Fishing License.