Beat up Dinghy

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Beat up Dinghy
Cost 4,000
Speed 15 mph / 13 knots
Min. Points 20,000
Passenger Capacity 5
Trips/Level 8
Retail Outlet WaterPort Boat Shop
Fishertonville Boat Shop
Blue Crescent Boat Shop

Description: Sea-sick BEWARE! The Dangerous Dinghy takes awhile to get to Fishertonville and cannot make it to Blue Crescent. Many young wranglers have been lost at sea attempting to voyage beyond Fishertonville. Requires 8 long distance travels per each level.

It is only possible to travel between WaterPort and Fishertonville in the Beat up Dinghy. Travel to other locations is only possible when a different boat is activated.

Boat leveling strategy[edit]

This and Lovecraft are probably the last boats you are going to level, but the strategy is the same. Wait until you have a good Traveling multiplier (5x-14x+). Then use it along with both the 5x speed boost and the 2x speed boosts which last for 24 hours. Open up two windows on your browser, one set to travel to Waterport and the other set to travel to Fishertonville. Alternate refreshing the two windows. Each trip should gain 25% on your level. A boat leveling multiplier is also good but the Traveling speed is a lot more important as you only have a limited time to travel.