Bass Boat

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Bass Boat
12-blank BassB.jpg
Cost 500 (initially 1,000,000 - 1k / hr)
Speed 36 knots
Min. Points N/A
Passenger Capacity 8
Trips/Level 127
Retail Outlet Snuggler's Cove Shop (Red Love Bay)

Description: Power up the Big Love River on this high powered Bass Fishing Boat! Requires 127 long distance travels per each level.

The Bass Boat was released on March 3, 2018 for use in the new Big Love islands. It was initially sold for 1,000,000 to the wranglers who wanted to be first to catch the new fish, decreasing at a rate of 1k less per hour down to its final cost, which is 500, as of May 23, 2018.

NOTE: The Bass Boat unlocks after completing the Chapter #3 - Part #1 of The Story of Big Love Island Adventure Spoiler and purchase is required to unlock Lover's Lake.

The Bass Boat can travel to all reasonable areas (ie not Lost Temple or anywhere that has very specific boat restrictions).[1] To see a list of boat requirements to each location, visit the Map page.

When traveling with the Bass Boat to Rakkaus Tarn, the lower the level of boat, the greater chance of damaging and breaking the boat. The success chance of boat not breaking is 2% per level of boat (ie level (5/50) = 10%; level (50/50) = 100%). The downside is this will cost a lot of gold and the upside is one is rewarded with points and levels up the Bass Boat to the next level.

Damage Gold Points Level
Soaked Boat -5,000 +1,000 +1
Achy Breaky Back -7,500 +1,500 +1
Busted Engine -10,000 +2,000 +1
Hull Damage -15,000 +3,000 +1
Flux Capacitor -20,000 +4,000 +1