Ambrosia Chum

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Ambrosia Chum
Farovian Chum
Ambrosia chum.gif
Cost (Refund) 190 (190)
Chum Loss 70%
Attraction 8%
Retail Outlet Fishertonville

Description: FLYING CHUM (Use with caution)
This delicious chum might be the fabled food of the gods! Use it to hook some truly mythical flying fish! This is a flying chum, meant for Monsoon Lagoon only. Use with caution.

Ambrosia Chum is one of three 'FLYING CHUM' availabe to fish at Monsoon Lagoon. The other two are Pretzel Chum and Cosmo Cream Chum.

NOTE: This chum can only be used while Fly fishing in Monsoon Lagoon, however one must travel back to Fishertonville to be purchased from the Farovian Air and Space Team - Fishertonville Hangar.

Ambrosia Chum doubles the chance of attracting the following fish:

Griffly Fish
Roc Fish
Montgolfier Fish
Auriol Fish