Allure Chum

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Allure Chum
Farovian Chum
Cost (Refund) 170 (170)
Chum Loss 50%
Attraction 7%
Retail Outlet Snuggler's Cove Shop (Red Love Bay)

Description: Think of this as fancy perfume for your lure. Spray it on, and the fish will be hooked!

Allure Chum is the one of three 'standard' Chum availabe in the Big Love Islands. The other two are Frisky Chum and Stinky Chum.

NOTE: unlocks after completing Chapter #3 - part #2 of The Story of Big Love Island Adventure Spoiler.

Allure Chum doubles the chance of attracting the following fish:

Splake Fish
Smelt Fish
Atlantic Salmon Fish
Coho Salmon Fish
Walleye Fish
Lake Whitefish Fish
Steelhead Trout Fish
Bull Trout Fish
Pallid Sturgeon Fish
Largemouth Bass Fish
Muskie Fish