Abolisher Pole

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Abolisher Pole
Cost 10310
Strength 35
Lure Rating 25
Min. Points 25000
Retail Outlet WaterPort
Abolisher Pole Quests

Description: A magical pole crafted by the Spirit of the Sea to abolish the evil spirits from haunting the Waterport waters this Halloween. The Abolisher is the only way to return the demonic breeds back to the netherworld!

(Spoiler: To see what this pole looks like, click here!

Project Holiday[edit]

If you would like to HELP, FW Wikia NEEDS the involvement of many 'FW players & Wikia users' to make contributions to find many of the HOLIDAY CONTEST pole/addon images, as well as find their names, pictures, and the descriptions of them (if they have ANY screenshots saved) to fill-in missing data and in order to make these COMPLETE articles. It would help to also petition Joe to either bring back some of these poles for either possible FUTURE QUESTS, Contests or at least "a gallery" so that we can SEE the pole's specifics. (This is a scavenger hunt project so it appears outside the Talk. This message will be removed when the addons/descriptions are again "viewable" back in the MAIN part of the game.) For more on the reason for this, please see NOTES section below.


Skull of Spirits[edit]

The Abolisher awakes with skeletal strength and skull brainpower! Weaker demons will be captured by the Skull of Spirits, although stronger spirits will require additional add-ons.

Complete: Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Abolisher Pole
Min Req: Level 50 Abolisher Pole
Cost: 31,000 gold
Skill Points: +N/A

Skull of Spirits

(Spoiler: To see what this add-on looks like, click here!)

Fangs of Fear[edit]

Halloween just got scarier with the Fangs of Fear. These steel-powered jaws will cause death to those who are near.

Complete: Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Abolisher Pole
Min Req: Level 60 Abolisher Pole
Cost: 66,666 gold
Skill Points: +N/A

Fangs of Fear

(Spoiler: To see what this add-on looks like, click here!)

Wings of Wrath[edit]

A tentacle-powered fishing line carries an armor lure that ensures the evil spirits are flown away from the region of Farovia. Wranglers must fully level up the Wings of Wrath to return the demons to their netherworld.

Complete: Quest to unlock!
Adds: 10 base levels to your Abolisher Pole
Min Req: Level 70 Abolisher Pole
Cost: 103,112 gold
Skill Points: +N/A

Wings of Wrath

(Spoiler: To see what this add-on looks like, click here!)


The developer had decided on storing the pole which kept from being able to use, equip, or view it after the holiday period had ended. The reasons why are currently unknown, but we were told the poles were put away, much like decorations.
However, we also can't see any of the artwork of the add-ons, descriptions, etc now besides a "nod" on our profiles about the pole level & number of fish caught. None of these poles have any quests associated with them either.

Pole Exclusive Fish[edit]

All poles have fish that can only be caught exclusively by it. These fish were only caught regularly by leveling up the holiday themed pole, but now require LG to be used. There were 8 fish released to catch for the Abolisher Pole. They are:

Abyzou Fish Level 0+
Agares Fish Level 10+
Aka Manah Fish Level 25+
Asag Fish Level 40+
Jikininki Fish Level 50+
Polednice Fish Level 60+
Lamashtu Fish Level 70+
Pazuzu Fish Level 80+

Equip/View links + Errors[edit]


  • This was the link used to equip the Abolisher. Even if you bought it before, it returns this msg:

Error - You do not own the Abolisher!

  • If trying to use the purchase link to buy it, you are given a error msg regarding the "blank" island


The Abolisher unlocks in .

  • Same with trying to view it within poles & addons. You might get one of two messages:

The Abolisher Pole is coming very soon!

Cannot view this pole! Pole may only be visible in other region.

It appears no poles are listed... View all available poles?